Embracing Life with Dignity and Individuality

I Am Still Who I Am

Resident-centered care is at the cornerstone of The Village at Stonebridge’s Generations Memory Care Program. Caregivers, staff and the management team are specially trained to focus on the strengths of each person and to understand a resident’s preferences, accomplishments and family ties.


With Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia on the rise, finding quality care can be a challenge. Recognizing this challenge, The Village at Stonebridge customized the award-winning new program from Integral Senior Living (ISL) specifically to meet the needs of residents with memory loss. Based on years of experience caring for Alzheimer’s and dementia residents, the Generations Program partners with family members and care providers to develop a framework that supports the individual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of memory impaired residents.

Extensively developed by a team of experts in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, the Generations Program provides residents with an engaging lifestyle through compassionate care at the hands of highly trained staff. Each resident’s preferences and life story contribute to the individualized care and activities they partake in from daily activities to dining and specialized care by trained staff.

What Sets the Generations Program Apart

  • Activities programs that enhance the lives and touch the heart of each resident
  • Daily life activities that support independence
  • A culture that promotes family involvement and teamwork
  • Engaging the whole person through one’s life history and personalized activities
  • Outdoor exploration and purposeful outings
  • Complete wellness focus on each individual
  • Family partnership and framework to enhance focus and understanding

Eating Well The Generations dining experience nurtures the mind, body and soul and is a highlight of the day. Residents are seated with dining partners to promote social interactions and meaningful connections. Meals are served restaurant-style with freshly designed menus and presentation and service to rival a five star restaurant.

Keeping Active

Whether nine or ninety, meaningful activities promote a sense of well being, provide enjoyment, maintain functioning levels and support independence. The daily program offers small and large group activities to appeal to each resident’s personal interests.

Worthy Staff

Taking care of those with memory loss takes a special caregiver. The Generations Program staff is specially trained to work with residents to make their lives better by enlisting in activities and care that promote self-esteem, laughter, fun and enjoyment of everyday life.

Caring for a family member with memory loss can be extremely difficult. When in a community that serves such residents, the task of caring for a loved one is shared by a number of dedicated individuals trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia, and the family. With the knowledge that a loved one is well taken care of, caregivers can enjoy more fulfilling time together.